Sunday, March 29, 2009

God - I love that guy!

Every once in a while God pulls out all the stops and punches you in the fucking face. Gina Auterre's breasts in 6th grade, the loss of my father to brain cancer, lightning slicing a tree down before me, all of these, and others, knocked me out, cold. We are generally too distracted by everything in life, literally, pick any of the infinite distractions, to recognize the magnitude of life's simplicities, like a dandy lion or mud. But occasionally, the universe offers up an undeniable grand slam, and our destiny is upon us.

Today I was walking the streets of Los Feliz, pleading for peace between the crashing hemispheres of my sobbing mind, and there it was. Just like that. An uppercut that jerked me to tears and laid me flat on my back. Squibbly blue and yellow chalk, three quotes, on the sidewalk below me. They read:
"One often meets his destiny on the road he travels to avoid it."
"Remind yourself of who you are."
"Here it comes!"

There are moments in all our lives that should not be conveyed to the world through the injustice between emotions and words, and because of this, I shall leave my feelings today as sacred. What came of this is more important anyway. Everything is a God-punch to the face, not just the obvious miracles. Everything is a fucking miracle. That in itself is happiness.


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  2. your heart and your gut are the most honest barometers in judging who is speaking to you and why. Your head can be confused by innumerable philosophies and social upbringing. When it's your gut..when it's your heart..that tugs and churns and speaks to what you must do, where you must go, who you should my opinion, that's the only way God can speak to us. Avoiding our scattered, noisy, jumbled brain patterns and going right to where we feel things first. You can't convince your gut or heart to feel differently or to settle. You CAN convince your thoughts of anything. And as always..if you seek joy, you'll find it behind every blade of grass.

  3. Wow, and that is one more reason why I love this neighborhood. I'm glad you were able to capture everything about this moment!