Wednesday, August 5, 2009

15 minutes

I will absolutely lose my shit in 15 minutes if I don't first push my dreams forward 143 more inches. In 15 minutes I have to go to "work" for the the first time in weeks, for approximately 1 hour, and I'm already shaking. But this blurb is my antidote.

My job is awesome, I will never deny this, I have built something great for myself and I know that, but no matter how great some things are in life they still don't calm the soul. This is why Otis Redding sang, "I've got dreams to remember." This is also why I have walked away from 4,017 great things that others called me crazy for. We lose sight of what really matters in nearly every area of daily life because society is jacked in this way. Keeping a true perspective on happiness takes unfathomable commitment. After double checking on all the things in my life I have accomplished with ease, I can think of only two. So fucking bring on the unfathomable commitment! I signed on the dotted line months ago: I, Jimmy George Francis, agree to never put anything before my dreams. Death by anxiety should this Agreement be breached.

Shit, I'm late for work....good for me!

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