Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Comeback Trail.

Looks like I'm not dead after all. Like Jesus, I came back to life. Who knew? My spirit was only hibernating to protect me. These past few weeks have blown my heart wide open again, and I am steadily on the comeback trail. Since "the break up" nearly 5 months ago, the one thing I never let go of was hope, and when you are broken in two, dying in sadness, remaining hopeful is nothing less than heroic. This is something I cherish about myself. Throughout all the unfortunate sadness in my life, I always believe in better days to come, and this has never failed me. I have no fucking clue what's next, but right now is good place to be.


  1. You know..I don't know if you eat cereal every morning, but if you ate Life cereal, you could always say, "At least I'm full of Life." Even if you may not feel all that great today. You're alive until you're not. But sometimes those little things can make a difference. Like being able to least my tummy if full of Life.